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Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) was founded in London in 2006 with the aim of inspiring, recognizing and supporting excellence in business and Economic research Currently, the Centre has three main areas of endeavour: organizing an annual cycle of international academic conferences, producing academic journals, and offering bespoke consultancy projects both in the United Kingdom and further afield.

CBER works assiduously to facilitate international collaboration, providing an independent and credible source of advice, as well as contributing to academic debate and research. The Centre is fortunate to have a truly international following and is committed to encouraging knowledge sharing, foresight planning and greater interaction between academics, policy makers, thought leaders and those engaged in diverse commercial activities. Through both its own researchers and a network of specialists internationally it is well placed to provide targeted consultancy work aimed at providing fresh insight and understanding that is underpinned by creditable research methods and a thorough and objective approach.

CBER strives to ensure that it takes a holistic approach to its work, whilst remaining open to new methods, ideas and ways of thinking. Through its various endeavours it has become a conduit for knowledge sharing, particularly in respect of innovation in the field of business and economic development. Whilst much of what CBER does is focused on the challenges of the here and now, it sets considerable store by foresight planning, and is keen to play its part in combatting the scourge of short-termism both in the public and private sector. Its current portfolio of academic journals ensures that is alive to the latest research in fields ranging from business and economic development to retail and higher education management. The journals afford an opportunity for meaningful learning from sectors that each have their own distinctive business and economic dynamic. Furthermore, with revolutionary changes underway in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) CBER believes that it is more important than ever to venture forth from our cultural and professional redoubts, hence the particular value and relevance of its international academic conferences, a number of which attract participants and observers who are policy makers, seasoned practitioners and thought leaders in their chosen field.

Whilst these are challenging times in many respects, they are also ripe with opportunities for learning and progress. CBER aspires to play a positive and purposeful role, one that facilitates fresh thinking and the desire to break new ground and forge a future that fosters greater confidence and a commitment to excellence.

CBER invites you to get in contact to see how it can meet your needs in this era of rapid and yet exciting change.