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ISSN 2047-2854 (PRINT) 2047-2862 (ONLINE)

10th International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC) 2019

Creation of Employment in Mexico derived from Foreign Direct Investment from 2005 to 2018

Martín Dávila, Juan Carlos Botello and Carla Antonia Ahuatl

Globalisation, internationalisation and export opportunities for South Africa

Seugnet Bronkhorst and Cecile Nieuwenhuizen

Uncovering the big five model personality traits and organization identification

Ghadeer Mohamed Badr ElDin Aboul-Ela

Analysing the impact of cloud-based accounting on business performance of SMEs

A.H.N. Kariyawasam

Investor’' awareness, preference and pattern of investment in various financial assets

Apurva Chandra and Ankit Sharma

Marketing of Financial Services in 21st Century

Tomar A. Singh