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ROGE August 2022 : Best Track
Title Author Track DOI Download
Annexation stability and financial implications Kristina Khederlarian Business & Management Download
Skill and vocational educational in the socio-economic development of rural youth in India: An empirical Study Vidhu Gaur Finance, Banking & Accounting Download
The relationship between efficiency of education and economic development: A comparative study Hoda Abd El Hamid Ali and Hajar Tarek Mahmoud Growth and Economic Development Download
The impact of green marketing strategies on consumers’ purchasing intention Norhan Ashoush and Wael Kortam New Marketing Trends Download
Educide: The Genocide of Education A case study on the impact of invasion, and conflict on education Rula Alousi Teaching and Learning for Lifelong Learning Sector Download
Investigating the effect of augmented reality on customer brand engagement: The mediating role of technology attributes Naglaa Mohamed Diaa New Marketing Trends Download
Employment challenges among adult male ex-offenders after incarceration: A conceptual analysis of social discrimination Muhammad Kamran Human Resources Management N/A
A comprehensive model for factors affecting the usage of computer‑assisted auditing tools and techniques Ola Mohamed Shawky Eissa Keynote Addresses and Mis N/A
Restructuring in the global aerospace sector: understanding the changing skills, high-performance working, and Human Resource Management Chris Forde , Ian Greenwood , Jonathan Winterton , Nafisat Olabisi and Andrew Shires Globalisation and International Trade N/A
New evidence on financial statement disclosures of cybersecurity risks made in regulatory filings by U.S. commercial banks A. J. Stagliano Finance, Banking & Accounting N/A