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The Art of Entrepreneurship: The path to success and wealth creation

"The Art of Entrepreneurship – a Path to Success and Wealth Creation" is not just another book about understanding entrepreneurship, different theories and concepts surrounding entrepreneurship; it is instead a practical guide on how to become an entrepreneur and manage one's dream business for it to be the most successful and sustainable. Our generation is thriving in a very volatile, uncertain, complicated, and ambiguous (VUCA). So, today's entrepreneurs are distinct from those who existed before the internet and globalisation era. The motto of success has evolved to include constant change. When organisations do not alter to adapt to the current circumstances, they become the target of natural selection. As a result, those who aspire to establish their own business require practical knowledge, tools, and abilities to navigate the maze of possibilities.

In this book, we focused on aspects that result in conditions for success. This requires careful observation of all employees about treatment and evaluation, formal learning, dealing with financial and material resources available, the assessment of the market and economic environments, government policies, marketing of products and services – all of which end up creating what can be deemed as a code of conduct that helps each collaborator to know how to act to improve the performance of the business unit.

We believe that the content expressed in "The Art of Entrepreneurship – a path to success and wealth creation" will help entrepreneurs earn time on the learning process without using all of their resources only to find results that were expected in advance. That way, they can avoid trial and error regarding the use of human, material, financial, administrative, and marketing resources, which are usually scarce in small and medium enterprises.