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Notes For Author

  1. Presentation timing: A full paper is normally allocated approximately 12 minutes for presentation followed by 3 minutes for questions from the audience. The track chair will keep an eye on time and will alert you when time is beginning to run short by holding up cards indicating ‘3’, ‘2’ and ‘1’ – these being the number of minutes that you have remaining. Please note that we actively encourage constructive questions from the audience. Your co-operation in bringing your presentation to a close within the time specified is essential to the smooth running of the conference and to be fair to other presenters.
  2. Presentation equipment: Presentation rooms will be equipped with a laptop and projector screen for PowerPoint presentations (Please note there will not be a transparency projector available).
  3. Presentation: The conference team of CBER requests that PowerPoint presentations be sent in good time so that they can be uploaded onto the conference laptop. Please email these with you name and the conference that you are due to present at to: .  It is also a sensible precaution to make sure that you bring a copy of your presentation with you on a flash drive or USB. Any presentation that has not be submitted in time will not be pre-loaded and remain the responsibility of the presenter.
  4. Handouts: should you wish to you are welcome to bring along the full text or other supporting document to handout to delegates. Please ensure that a copy is handed to the track chair of your session.
  5. Punctuality - Please ensure that you attend your session promptly and are aware of the order of speakers from the conference proceedings.
  6. Presenting in absentia: Occasionally there are some delegates who are unable to attend in person, and who wish to have their paper presented via a video clip. We would ask that these are of no more than 12 minutes in length. Most presenters upload them onto YouTube and then send across the YouTube like to the email address mentioned above. The conference staff are happy to collate any questions arising in response to the presentation and email them across to the author/authors.
  7. Conference Tracks: CBER conference team works assiduously to organize papers to fit in with the relevant tracks. There are occasions when individual authors request that papers be moved to fit in with flights etc. Please note that whilst the conference team will do its level best to accommodate individual needs, it must be mindful of ensuring that the conference is balanced and appropriately structured.
  8. Authorship: Presenters have a moral obligation to acknowledge all contributions to their paper, both orally at the time of presentation and by referencing authors in papers submitted to conference.
  9. Republishing a Presentation: Authors are free to publish their presentation elsewhere without fear of copyright problems and without permission from the CBER.
  10. Abstract-Only Publications: Authors often elect to publish only the abstract of their presentation in the conference proceedings. This effectively gives the author until the conference date to complete the paper. This also means that the author is free to submit the paper to another journal without copyright consequences. This is possible because the paper has never been published elsewhere since only the abstract was published in the proceedings. CBER does not copyright the proceedings, which means that authors are still free to do as they see fit with the paper. Consequently, authors can claim academic credit for a conference presentation, a refereed conference proceedings publication, and possibly a journal publication from one piece of research. Please note that only the full-text papers are published in the online conference proceedings.
  11. CPD Credit: Professionals seeking Continuing Professional Development Credit should contact the conference chair or indicate on the Registration Form that they must receive CPD credit for attending the conference. Necessary paperwork is required and will be available at the conference registration desk.
  12. Dress Code: Lounge suits or whatever you feel most comfortable in.