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Review process

CBER places great emphasis on the quality of the articles it accepts for the oral presentation at the conferences and publishes in the conference proceedings; and therefore, a full double - blind reviewing process is used in which:

  1. Subject to the condition that the paper submitted is in line with the guidelines provided for authors the editor will review its suitability given the aims and objectives of the conference
  2. If the outcome is positive the paper will be sent for blind reviews to two reviewers.
  3. The decision will be taken as to the acceptability of the paper on the basis of the recommendation of the reviewers.
  4. Reviewers will evaluate each work on the basis of: (a) Quality of the research; (b) Contribution and big picture significance of your work to the field of management; and (c) Interest of the topic to the audience (d) Relevance of the submission to the theme and sub-topics of the conference.