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Track 1: 
Contemporary Business Trends- Papers in any area of business including administration, economics, entrepreneurs, finance, information systems, accounting, marketing, organizational behaviour, management, public relations, strategy, human resource management, quantitative methods, operations research, Agribusiness, etc. Papers in any area of management including organizational behaviour, culture, decision making, organizational structure and design, organizational change and development, strategic management and planning, motivation and leadership, marketing management, production management, health care management, tourism and event management,  managing change and development, environmental management, ethics and social responsibility, retail management, etc.

Track 2: 
Finance, Banking, and Accounting -  Papers in any area of Finance, Banking, and Accounting including accounting theory and practice, auditing, financial planning, financial management, cost accounting, portfolio analysis, budgeting, international accounting, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Green Accounting, Taxation and Auditing, Financial Inclusion, Climate Finance, Digital Finance, etc.

Track 3: 
Information Technology -  Papers in any area of Information Technology including resource information management, decision support systems, resource planning systems, business intelligence, systems analysis, and design, software for business applications, networking systems, security, storage technologies, Web technologies, human-computer interaction, IT system acquisition, implementation, and integration, including systems development, and integration methodologies and processes, Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Enterprise Systems, Big Data Technologies, Cloud Computing Technologies in Business, Web Security, E-Commerce Technologies, Internet of Things Application in Business, etc.

Track 4:
Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Papers in any area of Marketing including advertising and integrated marketing communication, international marketing, social marketing, digital media, consumer behaviour, tourism and event marketing, hospitality marketing, services marketing,  retail marketing, strategic marketing; health care marketing, global marketing, sustainable marketing, pricing, product development, distribution and logistics, retail marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, etc.

Track 5: 
Human Resources Management - Papers in any area of Human Resources Management including, training and development, industrial relations, selection and recruitment, human resource planning, career planning and development, employees performance evaluation, etc.

Track 6: 
Hospitality and Tourism Management - Emerging trends in tourism, travel and hospitality sector, Marketing Management in Tourism and Hotel Operations, Travellers perspective and marketing strategies, Service Quality and Customers Delight, Sustainable Destination Management, and Marketing Tourism & Hospitality product development, positioning, branding, and management Sustainable marketing and tourism growth Tourism Business Strategies and Revenue Management.

Growth and Economic Development track -  provides a forum for faculty and specialists in the field to elucidate some of the challenges of formulating policies and overseeing implementation. The Conference is keen to see papers that focus on frontier and emerging markets, as well as exploring regional, national and trade block related topics. Papers related to gender, the environment, the Knowledge economy, and sustainable development are particularly welcome.

Globalisation and International Trade track - provides the ideal forum to present papers that explore the core features of globalisation, as well as some of the unforeseen consequences. Papers from all aspects of international trade are welcome and may include, but are not limited to, trade tariffs, logistics, infrastructure developments, and emerging markets.

Big-data-driven intelligent decision-making in the food industry - provides an opportunity to explore a whole raft of important issues including the ability to detect, segment, forecast and recommend. In addition, there is scope to examine Food Supply Chain Management (FSCM), On-time Delivery, Operational Efficiency, Sentiment Analysis, Quality Control, Customer-Centric Experience, Market Basket Analysis, Food Sustainability, and Risk Identification and Foresight Planning. Papers of a theoretical nature and practical nature are most welcome.

Education and teaching for the Life Long Learning Sector - offers considerable scope to examine a range of themes that impact all seats of learning, as well as general capacity building. Whilst the chief focus of this track relates to andragogy, it is keen to embrace education in its broadest sense, as well as through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the role of the autodidact. Papers related to both theory and practice are most welcome.

Sustainable development - The scope of this track addresses all the research papers that address the four core pillars of sustainable development namely, economic, social, human, and environmental sustainability.