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Guidelines for e-Poster Presentation                                                                                    Download e-Poster Presentation Template

Please use the following guidelines in the preparation of your e-poster
Poster Submission Deadline: Same as the abstract submission deadline

          1. A poster is a graphical display of your research that allows you to spend more time presenting to your audience than an oral presentation does.
          2. At least one author of the accepted paper/abstract should attend the conference to make a poster presentation virtually.
          3. Poster must be written and presented in English.
          4. Poster should be prepared according to the poster presentation guidelines and with the expected audience in mind.
          5. Poster should highlight the main areas of your research which should include an abstract, study rationale, aims and objectives, methods,
              findings and conclusions.

          6. To save space and add more effective visual interest, figures and diagrams should be used adequately

Tittle of the Poster
It is recommended to maintain the title of the poster consistent with the abstract submitted. The slight adjustment that does not alter the abstract's concept is likewise permitted.

Poster size and format
          • Poster must be submitted in PDF format through online.
          • It is recommended that you use the e-poster template provided with these guidelines and then save it as a PDF file prior to uploading it to the online
            system. A link to upload the final poster will be supplied.

Your Information
The top of the Poster should display, in the lettering of 18 Bold, the following information: Title of your Paper, Name(s) of the author(s) and name of the Institution (s)

          • It should not be more than 100 words and must include why this research is important and major questions to be addressed, research methods, your
            findings, and the main implications of your findings.

          • Clearly state the reason for your study and state the problem. The introduction should not be more than two small paragraphs of a maximum of 300

Design and Methods
          • Briefly explain your research design and methods. Avoid using any tables and figures.

          • The illustrations are the centrepiece of the poster and will garner the most attention. The simplest to understand charts and graphs are those that are
            colourful. Whenever feasible, images should be used in place of text.

          • Limit your poster to static photos and avoid embedding movies or animation.
          • Make the most of the space on your poster by utilising it imaginatively to captivate the audience and ensure that the graphics are easily understood.

          • Brief Discussion & conclusion, no more than 100 words.

Note: Please follow the requirements and use the e-poster template to create your poster presentation.

Download e-Poster Presentation Template