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1 - Presentation timing

A full paper is normally allocated approximately 12 minutes for presentation followed by 3 minutes for questions from the audience. The session chair will keep an eye on time and will alert you when time is beginning to run short by holding up cards indicating ‘3’, ‘2’ and ‘1’ – these being the number of minutes that you have remaining. Please note that we actively encourage constructive questions from the audience. Your co-operation in bringing your presentation to a close within the time specified is essential to the smooth running of the conference and to be fair to other presenters.

2 - Presentation equipment

Presentation rooms will be equipped with a laptop and projector screen for PowerPoint presentations (Please note there will not be a transparency projector available.). Be sure to bring your presentation on a flash drive or USB drive. 

3 - Presentation

The Centre requests that PowerPoint presentations be sent in good time so that they can be uploaded onto the conference laptop. Please email these with you name and the conference that you are due to present.  It is also a sensible precaution to make sure that you bring a copy of your presentation with you on a memory stick. Any presentation that has not to be submitted in time will not be pre-loaded and remain the responsibility of the presenter.

4 - Handouts

Should you wish to you are welcome to bring along the full text or other supporting documents to handout to delegates. Please ensure that a copy is handed to the session chair of your session.

5 - Punctuality

Please ensure that you attend your session promptly and are aware of the order of speakers from the conference proceedings.

6 - Presenting in absentia

Occasionally there are some delegates who are unable to attend in person, and who wish to have their paper presented via a video clip. We would ask that these are of no more than 10 minutes in length. Most presenters upload them onto YouTube and then send across the YouTube like to the email address mentioned above. The Centre`s staff are happy to collate any questions arising in response to the presentation and email them across to the author/authors.

7 - Conference sessions

The Centre works assiduously to organize papers to fit in with the relevant sessions. There are occasions when individual authors request that papers request that papers be moved to fit in with flights etc. Please note that whilst the Centre will do its level best to accommodate individual needs, it must be mindful of ensuring that the conference as a whole is well balanced and appropriately structured.

8 - Authorship

Presenters have a moral obligation to acknowledge all contributions to their paper both orally at the time of presentation and by referencing authors in papers submitted to conference.

9 - Republishing conference paper (s)

Authors are free to publish their paper (s) elsewhere without fear of copyright problems and without permission from the CBER. However, conference papers that are selected for and published in our journals are copyrighted by the Journals with the copyright given back to the author. We do this because we need to protect ourselves in case the paper has been plagiarized. Papers are only published in our journal with the consent of the author. 

10 - Abstract-Only Publications

Authors often elect to publish only the abstract of their presentation in the conference proceedings (printed version only). This effectively gives the author until the conference date to complete the paper. This also means that the author is free to submit the paper to another journal without copyright consequences. This is possible because the paper has never been published elsewhere since only the abstract was published in the proceedings. The CBER does not copyright the proceedings, which means that authors are still free to do as they see fit with the paper. Consequently, authors can claim academic credit for a conference presentation, a refereed conference proceedings publication, and possibly a journal publication from one piece of research. 

11 - Change of venue or location

Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) accepts no liability for any costs incurred by conference participants who have not registered and paid fully in the event of a change of venue or location.  If a participant has paid fully, they would be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid, but no other refund would be forthcoming in regard of other expenses such as flights, hotel bookings etc. 

12 - Who generally attend CBER conferences?

CBER’s conferences are primarily attended by academics, doctoral & postgraduate students, researchers, although increasingly policy makers, thought leaders and specialists in their chosen field recognise the value of attending such conferences, often in an observer capacity.

13 - How submitted papers are reviewed?

Papers are double-blind peer reviewed and whilst this process takes time it is an important part of the winnowing progress. Academics receive feedback and where relevant suggestions of aspects of the paper that might require attention. Reviewers are naturally concerned that papers fall within the scope and remit of the said conference.

14 - What includes in the conference registration fee?

It is important to note that neither travel or accommodation are included in the conference registration fee. The fee covers attendance, refreshments and lunch (please note that if you have any particular dietary requirements it would be helpful to know of these well in advance) during the conference and a conference bag that includes a conference programme and depending on the conference a copy of the proceedings. Each conference attendee receives an attendance certificate that records the number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points earnt through attending the conference.

15 - Are there any discounts for participants from least developed countries?

When a conference is held overseas CBER is mindful to keep its fee structures for local people as competitive as possible. That said, there are no scholarships as such, although this is a matter that is kept under constant review. Early bird discounts are available as per the pricing structure. CBER is also happy to offer a discount of 10% to any individual who has previously attended any of its conferences. Please be sure to notify us if you believe that you are eligible for such a discount

16 - What about return tickets and accommodation?

These are not included in the conference fee. It is important to plan well in advance, and as ever CBER is happy to provide suggestions and guidance. It is important that participants give thought to the likes of travel insurance.

17 - When I should pay the conference registration fee?

CBER conferences do not just happen, they involve months of planning and preparation. The hired venues and speakers are chosen with considerable care and every effort is made to ensure that delegates have a positive experience. Essentially, the reason for paying the fee is that it is an investment in oneself. Please check the registration section of the conference to see whether there is any early bird option or late payment charges. In general, you are required to make payment within 10 working days after receiving the letter of acceptance.

18 - Do you issue an invitation letter to support visa?

Yes, CBER provides this service. Please note such letters do not guarantee a visa, and as ever it pays to apply for a visa in good time.

19 - Shall I get any Continuous Professional Development Credit?

Yes, these will feature on your conference attendance certificate and are increasingly valued by institutions and employees around the world.

20 - Can I attend the conference without presenting any papers?

Yes of course. Some people want to attend as observers and yet still enjoy the full conference experience.

21 - What is the cancellation and refund policy?

It is important to familiarise this as it features on the CBER website. Time and communication are of the essence, and thus if there are any problems, we urge you to get in tough as soon as possible. However, once a paper/abstract has been submitted and accepted for inclusion in the Conference proceedings there is no option to cancel and collect back the fees. 

22 - Can I transfer my fee to the next available conference?

This is an option that is available. We can transfer the conference registration fee to the next available conference within 12-month period. However, a small administration fee of £50 will be deducted from the fees.

23 - What is the policy if conference is cancelled?

This is the prerogative of CBER, but should this happen those who have booked a place for the conference will receive a full refund. However, CBER is not responsible for any loss or damage if the conference is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances which is not our control, natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, severe weather conditions, industrial action including strikes, war, political unrest, acts of God or any other emergency. In this case no refund will be applied.

24 - Can I make a poster presentation at the conference?

Yes indeed. Poster presentations are a popular means to ensure and explain a topic. Please, conference be sure to let CBER know if this is your preferred option.

25 - Who will organise my travel insurance?

Delegates are responsible for taking appropriate insurance (including travel) cover in connection with their attendance at the Conference. The Organisers are not responsible for the safety of any property of the Company or Delegate, or for its loss, damage or destruction or for any loss or damage sustained by the Company or the Delegate, in each case for any reason whatsoever. No responsibility can be accepted by the Organisers for any consequences arising from postponement or abandonment of the Conference.

26 - Where have the conferences been held over the years?

Alexandria (Egypt), Boston (USA), Cambridge University (UK), Istanbul (Turkey), London (UK), New York (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Oxford University (UK), Paris (France), Pune (India) and Dubai (UAE).