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Mark T Jones (1964-2021)

Past Director Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN)

Mark is a fervent internationalist, who is widely travelled. In the year 2000 he initiated and oversaw a major humanitarian venture into war-torn Sierra Leone, and then spent two years in the Middle East where he worked in Jordan (2002-2004). An orator of distinction, he is the author of several books and numerous articles, and in 2009 produced a forward strategy for the sericulture sector in Bangladesh entitled: Rajshahi - the Silk Sensation. He is the co-author of developing the Ministerial Mindset- a Global View (2013). Mark trains executives, legislative leaders, diplomats and senior figures in the Armed Services as well as being an advisor on trade and investment in frontier markets. Having formulated Jones Octagon of Success (JOOS) he is in considerable demand internationally advising and training corporate and institutional executives. Mark believes that many of the current economic and geopolitical difficulties in the world are the result of a combination of a poverty of leadership, poor regional/market knowledge an absence lack of strategic vision and limited foresight planning. As well as his frequent forays into various parts of Africa, he is known for his insight into the current dynamics of the Horn and Greater Horn of Africa and was instrumental in the establishment of the Horn of Africa Business Association (HABA). He has written extensively on issues related to the Somali territories and Diaspora, and sees it as his mission to address what he views as the “knowledge deficit” in relation to many regions and communities.

As part of Mark’s active commitment to scholarly endeavour he assists in various capacities with the following academic journals: Gumbad Business Review (India) – Advisor Board, Indian Retail Journal (India) – Advisory Board, International Journal of Business & Economic Development (UK) – Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Higher Education Management (UK) – Managing Editor, A passionate advocate of “leading to serve” Mark was elected a Freeman of the City of London in 1994 in recognition of his various charitable endeavours.