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Prof. Ashraf Labib

Dean, College of Management & Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology&Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt

Throughout 18 years since graduation, Prof. Labib received his master degree in Manufacturing & Management Information Systems (University of the West of England, 2000) followed by a PhD in Management (University of the West of England, 2004). After PhD, he continued in his academic career and was finally offered a professor degree in Management (2013). Besides to his academic role in lecturing during that period, he participated, lead and managed several consultancy projects that aimed to improve organizational performance and improving their competitiveness. 

During his academic career, he was assigned several managerial positions (Dean- Industry Complex Centre, Dean- Productivity & Quality Institute, Dean-Graduate School of Business) till being the Dean of the College of Management and Technology-Alexandria of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. 

Almost 18 years of experience in the field of academia and consultancy had provided him with high qualification in the following:

  • · Aligning the organization’s structure to support delivery of its policy and strategy 
  • · Establishing clear ownership of processes 
  • · Ensuring development, deployment and updating of strategy is developed and implemented 
  • · Encouraging and inspiring individuals/teams to perform outstandingly 
  • · Encouraging, supporting and acting upon the findings of learning activities 
  • · Professionalism in managing, directing and guiding organizational development projects 
  • · Experience in managing international cooperative relations with other academic institutions.