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Prof. David M J Graves

Head of Management & Leadership Training programmes

After a varied career in the Public Sector David specialises in Private and Public Corporate Governance issues, National and International Financial Crime, and all fraud related offences. Now a retired Fraud Squad Detective, David has extensive experience in the areas of: Management Skills and Training, Corporate Governance within the Public/Private Sector, National and International Global economic crime, Money Laundering, Identity Theft, The Police & Criminal Evidence Act, Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness programmes, Crime Reduction strategies, Project Management/Leading Project Teams, Business Customer Care Programmes, Degree course design for Universities

During his time within the Police service David was the Manager of one of only three UK National Police Fraud Management Course accredited by Teesside University Business School.  Since Leaving the Police Service David has taught law subjects at Warwick University Law School and a wide range of Managerial Skills at Coventry City University Management School.  David has both developed and taught academic programmes on the subject of Corporate Governance at Magna Carta College, Oxford.  David has previously held the position of lecturer of Law and Corporate Governance at the international Policing and Justice Institute, University of Derby. Since setting up his own company ‘dg Anti-Fraud Consultants Ltd’ David has been commissioned to assist the Polish, Turkish and Lithuania Governments’ fight against organised crime.  He has presented training and delivered papers on Government reform strategies, Corporate Governance, Money Laundering, Organised Crime Issues, Corruption, VAT Fraud and runs bespoke delegate inter-active workshops to the Polish Police, Customs Officers, Border Guards and Prosecution officials at different venues in Poland.  This programme has gained European recognition and has been extended to cover Turkey and Lithuania.  Missions of this nature in these developing countries continue to be in high demand by the sponsoring authority The European Commission in Brussels.

David also reviews working papers for the Oxford University Press in the field of Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. David holds a Masters of Art Degree in Fraud Investigation and Management and is a Fellow Founding member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a Chartered Manager and Fellow of Chartered Management Institute, appointed Chancellor and a Fellow and member of the Board of Governors of the African Business School UK Division and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners