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Fellow Membership
This is awarded to persons whose contribution to the CBER and the wider business community and society is deemed to be exceptional. It will include individuals who ascribe to the ethos of CBER and whose active participation in its activities contributes to CBER’s overall effectiveness. The letters post-nominal FCBER can be used to demonstrate the level of attainment/recognition.

Other requirements include:
          :: Any recognised University degree
          :: Other recognised professional qualifications
          :: Minimum of 10 years management and industrial experience
          :: Published scholarly articles
          :: Clear and proven commitment to the CBER

Benefits of Fellow Membership:
          :: The principal benefit amongst all categories is the opportunity to meet and interact with successful and experienced professionals, thus creating the potential for
             personal improvement and potential contacts.

          :: All members will be constantly updated through the CBER`s regular journals and website bulletins regarding meetings and special events, and actively encouraged
             to participate (at discounted rates if a fee is charged).

          :: All members receive an official Certificate of Membership.
          :: Fellow members gain professional recognition and make valuable personal and professional contacts.
          :: All Members gain professional recognition by participating in international conferences.
          :: Fellow members of the Centre will be entitled to a 20% reduction on the registration fee for conferences organised by the Centre.
          :: All members will get a free online copy of the Journal of the Centre for Business Economic Research.
          :: All members will enjoy discounted rates for our various management training courses.
          :: Fellow members can be invited to Join as a Keynote speaker at the conference organised by the Centre

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Become a Fellow Membe of the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER)
Membership fee: £300 (one-off payment only)