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Full Membership
This membership level is open to individuals who have extensive industrial and management experience in a responsible capacity. Candidates must have completed a degree-level qualification or have 3 years of relevant management and industrial experience. Also, individuals, who are qualified by way of being professionals and having long-term work experience, can apply to become full members of the institute. Full Members can use the letters MCBER after their name to reveal their level of attainment.

Membership benefits
          :: The principal benefit amongst all categories is the opportunity to meet and interact with successful and experienced professionals, thus creating the potential for
             personal improvement and potential contacts.

          :: All members will be constantly updated through the CBER`s regular journals and website bulletins regarding meetings and special events, and actively encouraged
             to participate (at discounted rates if a fee is charged).

          :: All members receive an official Certificate of Membership.
          :: Full members gain professional recognition and make valuable personal and professional contacts.
          :: All Members gain professional recognition by participating in international conferences.
          :: Full members of the Centre will be entitled to a 15% reduction on the registration fee for conferences organised by the Centre.
          :: All members will get a free online copy of the Journal of the Centre for Business Economic Research.
          :: All members will enjoy discounted rates for our various management training courses.

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Become a Full Member of the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER)
Membership fee: £100 (one-off payment only)