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Honorary Fellowship
From time to time the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) will honour deserving members (academicians and non-academicians) and other persons from the wider community who have contributed extensively to the field of Business and Economics and/or to the community and society at large. Such individuals are awarded by the CBER for contributions deemed exceptional that are acknowledged locally or throughout the world. Members can recommend individuals for such membership with relevant and supporting argument. Two (2) honorary fellowship will be awarded by the Centre each year.

What is an Honorary Fellowship?
The Honorary Fellowship is the highest awards the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) can bestow. It is awarded to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the fields of business, leadership and management – whether through entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and research or practice development.

CBER is aware that there are people who are doing remarkable work throughout the UK and beyond, but we need CBER members to let us know about them so that we can recognise their achievements.  This is a precious award that is highly coveted and as such is not given out lightly.

Who can put forward nominations?
Any member of Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) is entitled to nominate an individual. The nominator will also be asked to provide three referees from a range of backgrounds to demonstrate the national/international impact of the nominees' work. The referees may support only one nomination in any single year. The nominator may submit only one nomination in any single year.

How can I nominate someone?
Nominations for are open all year round and can be submitted by letter or e-mail. When you submit a nomination, it will be considered at the next Awards Panel meeting.  You will need two other people to support a nomination.

It is recommended that they come from a range of backgrounds in order to demonstrate the reach of the nominee’s work. Each must submit a testimonial showing why they think the individual has made an exceptional contribution to their area of endeavour. It is suggested that you do not make the nominee aware of the application.  This will avoid disappointment should the nomination be unsuccessful.

Benefits of Honorary Fellowship
          :: The principal benefit amongst all categories is the opportunity to meet and interact with successful and experienced professionals, thus creating the potential for
             personal improvement and potential contacts.

          :: All Fellows will be constantly updated through the CBER`s regular journal and website bulletins regarding meetings and special events, and actively encouraged to
             participate (at discounted rates if a fee is charged).

          :: Honorary Fellows receive an official Certificate of Fellowship.
          :: Gain professional recognition by participation international conferences.
          :: Honorary Fellows of the Centre will be entitled to a 25% reduction on the registration fee for conferences organised by the Centre and from Journal publication.
          :: All Honorary Fellows will get free on-line copy of the Journals published by the Centre and all conference proceedings.
          :: All members will enjoy discounted rates for our various management training courses.
          :: Honorary Fellows can be invited to Join as a Keynote speaker at the conference organised by the Centre.
          :: Honorary Fellows are invited to publish books, working paper series, special reports & edited book chapters.