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We’re doomed! Brexit Revisited is an idiosyncratic book that endeavours to provide some fresh insight into one of the most contentious issues of recent years. Composed of a series of diary entries, Facebook posts, vignettes, and articles by three contributors it explores various aspects of Brexit that have been overlooked or ignored by commentators and the mainstream media. It offers some fascinating snapshots of the period prior to and after the UK’s Referendum on continued membership of the EU (2016).

With the view from Copenhagen, a perspective of the Bangladeshi diaspora, as well as an exploration of the attitudes and response in the UK’s higher education sector this book, offers up some perspectives often absent from the prevailing narrative. This is a book that deserves to be read in entirety, for then the reader will gain an appreciation of issues that will continue to be salient to the ongoing debate and discussion. A book of this nature, whilst unlikely to change minds, may well encourage some to view this thorny topic differently. The book is now available online: