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Dr. Zeinab Shawky Younis

Associate Professor of Public Administration, British University in Egypt

Dr. Zeinab Shawky Younis, BA. Mass Communication 1994, MS. of P.A. 1998, PhD 2009, Associate Prof. 2017.

Currently an Associate Professor of Public Administration and International Aspect committee coordinator, at the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, the British University in Egypt. Since February, 2016 she was appointed as the Director of the Research Center for Innovation,Governance and Green Economy and has been formerly elected Member of the Senate Committee at the level of the faculty from 2018-2020. Previously she was appointed as a head of the General buisness specialization program and as a community services coordinator.

She earned her PhD degree from Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science on May 2009 with an excellent degree. She won the award for the best PhD thesis for the same academic year 2009, and got a Management training in Business innovation, Strategic Management, Employees Engagement, agility and leadership in tough times both locally and internationally. Her previous overseas training workshop was on the women leadership in higher education in Sydney, August 2017 in Australia, and lastly online about mindful leadership from  7-8 December 2020, at The Schulich Executive Education Center, The Schulich Business School, York University, Toronto, Ontario. 

During her current direction of both the Research center for Innovation Governance and Green Economy, and as a coordinator of the International aspect committee, she had focused on working on increasing the visibility of both the Faculty of BAEPS and the CIGGE center locally and internationally and working on linking industry to academia.

Her interest areas of research are leadership, organisational behavior and New public management policies and practices.