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Prof. Pellegrino Manfra

City University New York, QCC, USA

Dr. Pellegrino Manfra is a full professor at City University New York at Queensborough CC. He is the author of more than 300 published articles. His articles have been published and presented in many academic and international professional conferences and symposiums. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Manfra was invited to present his research at Harvard University, Princeton University, MIT University, University Rome, Bocconi University, University Of Naples, Pegaso University, and many other prestigious Universities. Dr. Manfra’s research has been on the Federal Reserve System and its enormous influence on the economy and on the business cycle. He has presented many articles on the subject. In addition, he has done research and presented articles on crypto currencies.  In addition, he is doing extensive research in Roman Empire and its influence on U.S. constitution, Bill Rights, and law. He was awarded the prestigious University Excellent In Teaching, the Mirko Trimaglia outstanding recognition scholar outside Italy and resent was awarded the best paper at Harvard University International Journal Social Science.