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Prof. Salil K. Sen

Rurbanization Consultant, Visiting Professor Management Development Institute of Singapore

Rurbanization Consultant, Sustainability Researcher with the value proposition W W E _ Own = “We Own” & Visiting Professor (Intermittent) at MDIS Singapore; IIM Shillong India; SUMAS Geneva Switzerland; IMT-BS Evry France; RMUTT Bangkok Thailand, where, W W E _ Own is Water Waste Energy Ownership for Sustainability; “We Own” is proactive entrepreneurial spirit of “Ownership” among policymakers – financiers – insurers – community. Subjects: Business & Sustainability; Strategy, Corporate Societal Responsibility; Ethics of W W E; Geo-spatial Statistics. Delivery: the “living lab” format footprint: 17 countries plus. Career narrative is blend: (i) corporate (ii) multi-lateral developmental institutions (iii) institutes of higher learning.