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Professor Hoda Abdel Hamid

Professor of International Trade and Economic Development Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Future University in Egypt

Hoda Abd El Hamid Ali is a professor of economics and international trade, she works as the Vice Dean of Education and Student Affairs at the Faculty of commerce and Business Administration at the Future University in Egypt. She has a lot of publications published in international journals indexed in Scopus, EBSCO, and Elsevier. Her main research interest is in international development, and international economics, and she held many other university positions at Helwan University in Egypt, such as the Vice Dean of post graduate studies and research, and the coordinator of The Joint international Master of Finance and Responsible Banking (MFRB) between the faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, and London school of Economics (LSE), and the World Saving Banking Institute (WSBI) and the IEB. She also was the coordinator of the Business information system (BIS) at the faculty of commerce and business administration at Helwan University.