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ITRAC & ILLT November-2017 : Best Track
Title Author Track DOI Download
The impact of repetition and spacing on memory for advertising Hayden Noel and Kathryn A. LaTour Branding & Marketing Download
Market share targeting in the food industry: repositioning the product of local indigenous culinary for the Indonesian youths AyuLatifah Alfisyahrin, Rahmatia Yunus, Muhammad Yunus Zain, Abd Rasyid Jalil and Kartini Branding & Marketing Download
Resource utilisation and innovation in social entrepreneurship Seham Nazeeh Ghalwash, Ayman Ismail and Ahmed Tolba Entrepreneurship in Emerging & Developing Economies Download
Analysis on reputation, competence and experience as requirements in contractor selection Wardhani Hakim, Siti Haerani and Tamrin Sattung Growth & Economic Development Download
Factors of low competitiveness of seaweed export in South Sulawesi, Indonesia Sangkala and Hamsina Growth & Economic Development Download
The conflicting women's dual roles in banking: the consequences in their career and performance Siti Haerani, Wardhani Hakim and Irnawaty Sangaji HRM in Emerging Economies Download
Pro-active leadership for innovation: recommendations for top management teams Tikas G.D. and Akhilesh K.B. Globalisation and International Trade Download