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Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER) is proud to have an established record of organising and managing international academic conferences. Please join us for one of our annual conferences in location given below or submit papers for one of our Journals. All our Conferences seek to elucidate a wealth of issues in all aspects of business management, management education, teaching and learning methodologies and many more. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners and researchers in management in both developed and developing countries targeting a worldwide readership.

CBER conferences offer various tracks which include: The Finance, Accounting and Organisational structure, The Growth and Economic Development, the Globalisation and International Trade, Education and teaching for the Life Long Learning Sector, HRM, Marketing & Branding, Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Maritime Crime & cyber Security and many more.

Authors are invited to submit their original research papers, case studies, review papers, work in progress, abstracts, students’ papers or research proposals within the broad scope of each conference.  However, authors are requested to submit only original competitive and final full text papers within the specific scope of the Journal.

For further details about our conferences and our academic journals, please visit our website on or send us an email on


ROGE August 2024, University of Oxford, UK
13th International Conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE)-Promoting Sustainability
05th-06th August, 2024
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ICGEEE December-2024, University of London, UK
9th International Conference on Globalisation, Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Economies (ICGEEE)-2024
06th-07th December, 2024
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ICBED April-2025, New York, USA
14th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED)
07th-08th April, 2025
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Journal of Business & Retail Management Research (JBRMR)
The JBRMR is a scholarly and refereed journal that provides an authoritative source of information for scholars, academics, professionals and practitioners in the field of retail business management. The journal promotes the advancement, understanding, and practice of retailing. Manuscripts offering theoretical, conceptual, empirical and case studies contributions are encouraged. For further information please visit

International Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED)
The International Journal of Business and Economic Development (IJBED) publishes original research papers relating to all aspects of contemporary economic ideas. The emphasis is on quantitative or analytical work, which is novel and relevant. The interaction between empirical work and economic policy is an important feature of the journal. Contributions should offer constructive ideas and analysis and highlight the lessons to be learned from the experiences of different nations, societies, and economies. The journal plans to provide a valuable appraisal of economic policies worldwide. Therefore, the analysis should be challenging and at the forefront of current thinking, however, articles are to be presented in non-technical language to make them readily accessible to readers outside of the related disciplines. For further details please visit

International Journal of Higher Education Management (IJHEM)
The International Journal of Higher Education Management (IJHEM), is a refereed journal that seeks to be a scholarly conduit by which academic papers concerning the realm of higher education, and its leadership and management, are put into the public domain. The journal promotes the advancement, understanding, and practice of enlightened and effective management in higher education, including the ways those in leadership roles are ensuring innovative approaches to teaching and learning whether on-site or via the medium of online/distance learning. The journal is peer-reviewed and serves as a key research platform. IJHEM is committed to publishing articles that inform best practice in the education of students, their teachers and lecturers, with emphasis on those charged with ensuring that institutions are managed with foresight and run in a manner that best serves a diverse range of stakeholders. For further details please visit:

International Journal of Maritime Crime & Security (IJMCS)
The International Journal of Maritime Crime and Security (IJMCS) is the first high-quality multi/interdisciplinary journal devoted to the newly identified field and academic discipline of maritime security and to the study of maritime crime. The latter has been neglected, as the scientific study of crime has remained essentially landlocked.

The Journal will cover the following, broadly constructed and interpreted, disciplines as they relate to maritime security: economics, environmental studies, global governance studies, anthropological and cultural studies, human factors and psychology, security, criminology and crime science, cyber security, international and national law (Maritime Law, Law of the Sea and National Jurisdictions), political and policy perspectives, strategic security and war studies, naval and maritime history as they relate to current issues, maritime crime, including cyber-crime, fraud, piracy and armed robbery at sea, Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing, smuggling, people trafficking, illegal immigration, stowaways and pollution, disaster management and resilience at sea and in littoral areas. ‘Maritime Security includes the port facility, offshore platform and undersea resource extraction security – not just ships. For further details please visit: 

For further details please contact: