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Santosh C Sarker

B. Sc Eng (Agr), MEng (Cranfield University), UK. MBA AWU, USA

For the last 19 years between 1986 till 2005, Mr Sarker worked as a Director and General Manager of Proshika IAF Trust in Bangladesh including 10 years in peoples' facing microfinance project management in the poverty-stricken areas in rural settings of Bangladesh. During his tenure, Mr. Sarker worked as Team Leader of four collaborative research projects with the University of Bath, East Anglia University, University of Greenwich and Department of International Development (DFID) UK. As additional assignment, Mr. Sarker worked as People's Participation Expert in a consultative group of Hydraulic Engineers in formulating National Water Management Plan of Bangladesh. In the year between 1980 to 1986, Mr Sarker worked as a General Manager of Rural Electrification Board, Bangladesh. Since 1977 till 1980, he has worked in the capacity of Senior Water Resources Engineer with International Engineering Company, Inc USA in a Water Development Project in Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

Mr. Sarker has co-authored a conference paper and jointly presented in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He represented Bangladesh in the World Water Forum in Stockholm, Sweden and presented paper as a keynote speaker.

 Mr. Sarker worked with Professor Dr. Robert Chambers of Cambridge University in an action research project as to how to carryout Rapid Rural Appraisal and formulating People's Participation Rural Planning in the remote village of Bangladesh. He is a professional trainer of project planning and management.