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Dr Jacqueline Hall

Energy and Utility Skills and the University of Huddersfield

The author has worked at a senior strategic level within a UK plc, responsible for the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, she has worked as a strategic recovery analyst within SME business consultancy and public sector education institutions. She has been involved in European SME projects around e-learning and development within SMEs to improve business competitiveness and workforce competence. From 2006, she has undertaken expert evaluation within the EU Research Framework 7, ICT Policy Support Programme and Erasmus. Her research interests currently lie within the field of business competitiveness for SMEs, with specific interest in the interrelationships between business and human tangible, intangible assets and liabilities within the ethical sector. Currently she combines business consultancy activities with associate tutor responsibilities for International MSc students at the University of Sheffield, with specific focus upon research inquiry methods.