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Sujata Rani Dey, BA

Manager, Membership & Subscription

Sujata is currently working as a Manager (Membership and subscription) at the Centre for Business & Economic Research (CBER), UK. She has been engaged there for over 4 years in academic marketing, membership enrolments and database preparation, website scrutiny and communications with academic institutions.

Previously, Ms Dey worked as Computer Programme organiser for about 14 years in the 2nd largest Charity/NGO in Bangladesh. She was engaged in supervising Computer Operators and their evaluations for promotion. She designed a quarterly magazine, flyers, brochures using Photoshop, illustration, graphics, webpage design and animation etc. She also prepared power point presentation for conferences. She has a wealth of professional experience including accounting data entry for the charity/NGO and other organizations and document preparation for the organisational directors.

Ms. Dey worked for about 5 years in Fortuna Group of Industries as Export Executive. She was engaged in preparing issue export related documentations for the buyers from UK, USA, and Germany among others.  Ms. Dey has also worked as a teacher in a Kindergarten school for two years. She has been instrumental in overseeing membership growth at CBER and takes an active interest in the annual cycle of conferences.