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Dr David Holliman

Director of Collaborations and Business Development, University of Buckingham

David has enjoyed operating in both academia and business environments throughout his career. He holds degrees in a variety of disciplines including PhDs in both Business and Education, as well as master's degrees in international business analysis, psychology and counselling, and management and business research. He has advised to several governments across the globe on educational policy, developing national education frameworks, and export strategy. He was recognised for the latter with the highest non-military award in Kentucky, USA in 2004. He was head of the MSc Business Suite at the University of Bedfordshire until 2009 when deciding to move into the private education sector as a consultant and is currently the Director of Collaborations and Business Development at the University of Buckingham. 

In addition to the above position Dr Holliman is Chairman of Holliman Holdings Group and holds a few Advisory Board positions at educational institutions as well as visiting professorships at a select group of global universities. He has academic interests in culture, international business, and strategy. Furthermore, he is an active education consultant with a practical global experience of having visited over 100 countries.