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Dr Jennifer Bowerman

MacEwan University, Canada

Dr. Jennifer Bowerman was born in England where she obtained her obtained her BSc in Sociology, later a  Master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan, and, after many years working in government organizations specializing in human rights, employment standards and safety services, she  obtained a Doctorate in Management from Southern Cross University with a focus on Action Learning.  For the past 12 years, she has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in subjects such as organizational culture, leadership and learning, organizational behaviour, and international business in Switzerland and Edmonton, Alberta. Always a strong challenger to the organizational status quo, Jennifer is currently assisting a colleague on a major action learning change project in the UK impacting an entire government service as it faces monumental change. Jennifer has been strongly influenced by her recent business and educational trips to Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Europe. She is an accomplished speaker. Her most recent presentations include “Developing Future Employees for New and Emerging Constructs of Business: Are Current Educational Models of Teaching Business up to the Task?” in Oxford England in June of 2016, and “Action Learning Questions: Making Sense of Organizational Chaos” in Prague in November of 2016.  She is the Editor of Leadership in Health Services, as well as on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Business and Retail Management Research.