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Dr Selva Pankaj

Co-founder of Regent Group

Selva is the co-founder of Regent Group, a London based private education group. He and Tharshiny, his wife, established the business at the turn of the millennium with support from Selva’s father. The organisation has grown considerably over the last twenty years and currently has more than 5,000 students, five sites across London and over 300 staff. Whilst originally launched to provide secondary and sixth form schooling, which it maintains to this day, Regent Group’s largest division is now its higher education operation which has partnerships with Pearson and three UK based universities.

Whilst working to obtain degree awarding powers for Regent College London, Selva and Tharshiny are also looking to expand internationally, as well as moving into new industries including real estate and e-commerce.

Selva has recently written two books, Thinking into Character and The Power of Learning from DAD, inspired by teachings from executive education courses taken at London Business School, Harvard University and Stanford University. He is now embarking upon a part-time PhD to further his knowledge. He also enjoys fine wine and engaging in politics.