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Prof. Malgorzata Magdalena Hybka

Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland

Prof. Malgorzata Magdalena Hybka is currently the Associate Professor in the Department of Public Finance at the Poznan University of Economics and Business. She serves as Head of Postgraduate Studies in Taxation and Tax Advising. After a diversified carrier in business and public administration inspired by her scientific interests and desire for personal development, she joined the Academia in 2007 and was the first in her peer group at the University to receive Dr habilitatus degree in Public Finance (in 2011). She was appointed to fulfil multiple functions for the University in the past, inter alia: she was the initiator and coordinator of the first Bachelor and Master Studies in English in Finance, the first in her peer group Head of Department at the Faculty of Economics. Contemporarily she is a member of several international organizations: Association Internationale des Économistes de Langue Française (AIELF), Center for Business & Economic Research, International Institute of Public Finance. She is author of more than one hundred scientific publications, presenting and publishing at conferences in the field of international taxation and European Union fiscal policy. She specializes in comparative tax law and economics which helps her to combine the scientific profession with a passion for foreign languages.