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Prof. Patrick Melnick

Dean of Academic Affairs and General Education Department Chair VMCAD College In Lakewood, USA

As the Dean of Academic Affairs at VMCAD, Professor Melnick teaches Anatomy and Figure Drawing, History of Art, Idea Generation, and Neuroscience of Creativity.  An instructor for more than 30 years, he earned his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Notre Dame. His career includes the production and coordination of numerous art shows, both locally and nationally. Professor Melnick worked as a curatorial assistant at the internationally recognized Zaks Gallery in Chicago. He also served as a judge on the board of Madison, Wisconsin’s National Endowment of the Arts Council. His broad range of expertise in a wide variety of knowledge domains has ensured him a unique position on the academic guest lecture circuit, which capitalizes on unforeseen connections to find insight and solutions.