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Poster Preparation Guidelines
Authors are invited to prepare their poster presentation by adhering to the following guidelines

General Information
      1.  A poster is a graphical presentation of your research that allows you more time to present to your audience as opposed to the traditional oral presentation.
      2.  At least one author of the accepted paper should attend the conference to make a poster presentation.
      3.  The poster must be written and presented in English.
      4.  Posters should be prepared according to the poster presentation guidelines and with the expected audience in mind.
      5.  Poster should highlight the main areas of your research which should include an abstract, study rationale, aims, and objectives, methods, findings, and conclusions.
      6.  To save space and add more effective visual interest, figures and diagrams should be used adequately.
      7.  Once the poster presentation session is over, you should remove your poster immediately, otherwise, your poster will be discarded.
      8.  You should organize your poster at least 30 minutes before the session start and this is your responsibility to mount the poster.
      9.  A chair will be provided to each poster session presenter.
     10. No audio-visual equipment will be provided to the poster session presenter
     11. If you are planning to distribute any handouts, please bring at least 20 copies.
     12. Bring your business cards with you to distribute. Others may have further queries regarding your work.

Poster Format and Space
      1.  The surface area for the poster board will be 4` (122cm) high and 6` (183cm) wide
      2.  All posters will be mounted on the wall and landscape in orientation.
      3.  Fonts: The font to be used is Book Antiqua
in 27 points for all text. Title of the presentation-72 point and subheadings-48 points. Please use BOLD for the paper title.
      4.  More emphasis on graphics and keeping text to a minimum.
      5.  Use of Table, Figures, and Equations
           a) All tables are to be centered and numbered sequentially, with their title centered below the table.
           b) All figures must be reproduced in black and white. Good quality graphic software to be used and figures are to be centered with the caption to be centered below the figure
           c) All equations must be typeset with the same word processor and type in Math type (please visit the website at for a free limited trial).

Structure of the poster
         ::  The title should be positioned in the top centre and may span the entire top of the poster (4` X4`). Font size should be large enough (i.e. Minimum 70pt) so that
             audience can read the poster from several feet away

         ::  It should not be more than 100 words and must include why this research is important and the major questions t be addressed, research methods, your findings,
             and the main implications of your findings.
         ::  In general, your abstract will contain one sentence from each section of your

         ::  Clearly state the reason for your study and state the problem. The introduction should not be more than two small paragraphs of a maximum of 300 words.

Design and Methods
         ::  Briefly explain your research design and methods. Avoid using any tables and figures.

Tables and Figures
         ::  Try to avoid tables rather than use graphs to present your data.

         ::  Brief conclusion, no more than 100 words.

Sample poster